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The New Zealand Herald’s Travel magazine has announced the appointment of Shandelle Battersby as deputy editor to assist with the significant growth the magazine has seen over the last three years. 

Travel editor Winston Aldworth has presided over the magazine’s almost doubling in pagination since 2012 and says excellent travel writing has been key to Travel’s commercial success as well as re-structuring content to create big, timely campaigns.

“In 2012 Travel was a 13 page insert. Now every Tuesday with the Herald we put out a magazine that is on average 25 plus pages. That peaked at 40 pages since I’ve been editor. We’ve also managed to maintain that good balance between advertising and editorial,” Aldworth says.

Because of their success he says the Travel team is increasingly stretched between being out on the road to get the good stuff their audiences expect and curating the contributions relevant to each issue.

“Shandelle is integral in helping us keep up the standard we’ve come to enjoy and developing Travel to the next level,” Aldworth said.

“We’re very interested in developing Travel online in 2015, as well as keeping our focus on planning the issues for when our audience tells us they need specific travel information.”

Commercial manager of travel Sandy Kilgour says advertisers have a special relationship with the Travel team who work hard to publish inspiring content to support key campaigns.

“We work closely with our Travel clients and the industry so that we have the right content at the right time to deliver maximum results every campaign,” she said.

Shandelle Battersby has previously worked at the Listener and more recently for the Herald in features and news while being a regular contributor to the Travel magazine for several years. She said she’s excited to now concentrate on the subject she loves which has taken her through much of Asia, Europe, Australia, USA and New Zealand.

“I’m looking forward to contributing to the growing success of Travel as both Winston and I are committed to making the section the best NIM in the country,” said Battersby.

“Whenever I write anything for the section I hope my curiosity and sense of adventure shines through on the page because that’s what I look for when I’m reading a travel yarn.”

Battersby joins the Herald’s Travel team this week.

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