Arrivals & Departures: Botany Town Centre taps Tanya Chadha

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Botany Town Centre has appointed Tanya Chadha to the role of marketing manager within the centre management team. Chadha is a marketing professional with more than six years of experience in retail and a BCom (Hons) in Management & Marketing. She had been the centre’s assistant marketing manager for two years prior to her promotion.

BTC says she thrives in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, and wants to use her extensive knowledge of the diverse retail and marketing environment to help boost the centre’s appeal.

“Marketing is an exciting career with its ever-evolving methods of reaching out to and interacting with an audience, and this is highly reflected within the retail industry, as it must keep up with savvy and well-researched consumers,” Chadha says. “The constant re-thinking of the status quo is what interests me.”

Digital impact
Chadha aims to bring a fresh new take on traditional marketing in her role as marketing manager, as she has observed the impact of the digital era and the opportunities it brings as a tool to harness and utilise as the retail environment and way we are marketing rapidly changes; “I think the biggest challenge for any shopping centre is to ensure that they are still relevant and a viable logistic channel for buyers and sellers alike.

“The future of marketing has and will continue to see online/social media become an integral part of the broader marketing discipline, as it’s amplifiable and can increase in value over time (since content stays put once you place it). I am sure it has the full potential to become not just one of the channels but the channel.”

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