Arrivals … & Departures: Fleet-footed team joins DDB

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AUCKLAND, Today: Just five months after FCB promoted Matt Williams & Freddie Coltart to creative group lead roles, the highly decorated pair have abruptly switched sides – joining DDB, where they’ve been appointed as creative directors.

DDB CCO Damon Stapleton said: “Matt and Freddie are exceptional creatives and genuinely nice people. They’re already making a fantastic contribution to our team and culture and we’re thrilled to have them on board.”

Matt Williams said: “It’s only taken the good part of a decade, but I think since the day I started in this weird game we call advertising, I’ve wanted to work at DDB.

“Looking in from over the fence for many years, DDB’s work, clients, and talent have always been consistently inspiring, and at times, infuriatingly good.

“So, to be part of that team today and be charged with continuing that great legacy is incredibly exciting, and a real privilege.”

Freddie Coltart said: “I’m so excited to have joined Doyle Dane Bernbach. Since day one, I’ve always been a big fan of DDB’s smart, powerful work and look forward to helping the team make even more in the future.”

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