Arrivals & Departures: Loupe signs Chris Sisarich

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AUCKLAND, Today: NZ photography and motion agency Loupe has added award-winning photographer/director Chris Sisarich to its roster.

Sisarich is one of New Zealand’s leading advertising photographers, having travelled the globe to work with some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Uber, Google, Air New Zealand, BMW, Toyota and Lexus.

Loupe founder/executive producer Emily Moon said: “It has been an exciting journey for Loupe so far and it’s awesome to have Chris come on board.

“Sisarich has worked on Uber, Google, Air NZ, BMW, Toyota and Lexus.”

He is an amazing talent – a master at creating visually rich imagery across a varied range of subject matter. One of the key foundations of Loupe is being able to offer our clients a full stylistic range, while avoiding crossover within the stable.

“Each of the team has their own unique style and Chris complements this perfectly.”

Sisarich said: “What excited me most about Loupe was that Emily has brought together an amazing mix of contemporary photographers who are all doing incredible work. I’m thrilled to be part of the team and to work within such an inspirational group.”

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