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LAS VEGAS, Monday: Trump may be at sea – but the Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, the largest independently owned cannabis retailer in Nevada, has enacted a delivery-only business model to comply with new Covid-19 public health mandates – and retained Las Vegas-based creative agency Artisans On Fire to create an ad campaign.

While candidly acknowledging real people’s fears and anxieties, the one-minute video encourages the public to maintain social distancing, while assuring them they can still safely access cannabis during this difficult time.

“The Covid-19 crisis has hit our tourism and hospitality-driven community especially hard in terms of economic impact,” said Thrive ceo Mitch Britten.

“Our delivery team members are being greeted with enormous gratitude from our customers, but also hearing concerns about layoffs and other anxieties so many are experiencing.

“This ad acknowledges the reality we all share right now, while letting our customers and patients know Thrive is still there for them.”

How It Was Shot
Artisans On Fire produced the video remotely within 48 hours using pre-existing footage and new voiceover recordings captured in compliance with government-mandated social distancing practices. Shot using sanitized, podcast-quality microphones delivered to the homes of the agency’s furloughed and working-from-home staff, the audio features their authentic voices and sentiments.

“This creative agency focuses primarily on ‘gray-market’ businesses not yet legal worldwide.”

About Artisans On Fire
Artisans On Fire focuses primarily on “gray-market” businesses not yet legal worldwide, including cannabis, sportsbooks, casinos, online gaming and daily fantasy sports. As a result of the impact of Covid-19 on his clients and income, agency co-founders John Erminio and Dustin Iannotti have laid off 40% of their team.

“We’re incredibly proud of this ad, because it demonstrates the passion and dedication of a small agency for its client during a time of crisis,” said Iannotti.

“The ad incorporates employees we were forced to lay off, but they volunteered to participate because they believe in the message. We’re all in this together.”

About Thrive delivery
Cannabis patients with a valid medical card and recreational consumers ages 21 and older now have 24-hour access to high-quality cannabis products with door-to-door delivery service across the Las Vegas valley, thanks to Thrive Cannabis Marketplace. Thrive delivers a full menu of products including vapes, flower, concentrates, edibles to private residences across the valley; delivery is not available to places without a specific physical address (e.g., park, parking lot or street corner).

Delivery orders may be placed online at Thrive delivery requires a US$75 minimum purchase with a US$5 delivery fee; orders over US$100 receive FREE delivery. All delivery customers must provide a valid ID proving they are at least 21 years old. Debit and cash payments are accepted at time of delivery.

About Thrive Cannabis Marketplace
The entire Thrive Cannabis Marketplace team is focused on one thing – well grown, high-quality cannabis. Passionately dedicated to the wellbeing, safety and enjoyment of its customers, Thrive cites education, choice and vitality as its guiding philosophical values. cannabis for individuals who need it most. Due to a directive to flatten the curve of Covid-19, None of Thrive’s retail facilities are open to customer foot traffic.

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