ASA NZ borrows campaign from ASA UK 

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The Advertising Standards Authority is launching an advertising campaign across media to promote a key message: “If an ad is wrong, the ASA is here to help put it right”.

The campaign, repurposed by the ASA from an AMV BBDO London campaign for the ASA UK, will start running across most media platforms next week.

“You should be able to trust the ads you see,” says ASA ceo Hilary Souter. 

“You should be able to trust the ads you see.”

The ASA sets standards for responsible advertising through its Codes of Practice and dealt with over 1100 enquiries in 2017, including 603 complaints. It helps regulate the content and placement of advertising for all ads in all media.

Souter said: “Following on from the release of the new Advertising Standards Code in July, the ASA campaign promote awareness of its role in setting and enforcing advertising standards.”

The creative work is an adaptation of a successful campaign developed for the ASA in the U.K.

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