ASA to review kids’ ad codes

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The Advertising Standards Authority has confirmed a review of the Code for Advertising to Children and the Children’s Code for Advertising Food. The last review as completed in 2010.

“The ASA has a process to review its codes on a regular basis,” said ceo Hilary Souter. “This shows its commitment to ensuring all codes are up-to-date and reflect generally prevailing community standards.”

“In this case the ASA is responding to calls for the review of the Children’s codes to be expedited.”

The codes provide clear guidance to advertising agencies, marketers and consumers on advertising to children, including food advertising, Souter says.

The ASA deals with hundreds of complaints a year about advertising across all product categories. Since the introduction of the Children’s Code for Advertising Food in 2010, nine complaints have been dealt with under this Code.

A panel with an independent chair and representation from the Ministry of Health, the Complaints Board and industry will review the codes and consider any amendments.

The review process will begin with a call for public submissions, likely to be made before Christmas with a closing date of late February.

“The ASA offers consumers a quick, easy and free way to address complaints about advertising. The current codes and information about the ASA and the complaints,” Souter said.

About the ASA
The ASA regulates advertising in New Zealand and its codes are preventative and enforceable after public complaint. A code of Advertising to Children has been in place since October 1989 and the Children’s Code for Advertising Food since 2010.

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