The Monkeys & ASB introduce Ben & Amy’s Small Steps

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AUCKLAND, Today: The Monkeys Aotearoa have launched the next chapter in Ben and Amy’s story, with a new brand campaign Small Steps. The campaign is designed to “bring to life ASB’s purpose to accelerate financial progress for all New Zealanders”.

ASB’s Rosalyn Clarke said: Small Steps coincides with the bank continuing its journey to improve the financial wellbeing of customers and communities, having turned purpose into action.

“The campaign is underpinned by a body of work aimed at driving a behaviour shift that empowers customers to take a course of action to positively influence their financial wellbeing, delivered through ASB’s customer channels, tools and support.

“Our research indicates that 41% of customers have less than $1000 in savings, whilst 37% of customers are living payday to payday so the need for ASB to play an active role in helping our customers has never been greater.

“Small Steps is set to run in NZ across broadcast, OOH and online.”

The Monkeys Aotearoa chief creative officer Damon Stapleton said: “We all know that working on your finances can be hard, sometimes a little intimidating, often leaving you feeling not completely in control.

“That’s why focusing on taking small, regular steps (with a little encouragement along the way) can help you achieve your goals, helping you to live life one step ahead.

“So how do you show that? Well, by showing that Ben’s perseverance pays off, and no matter how long it takes, success (and your ultimate goal) is possible.”

‘Small Steps’ is set to run in New Zealand across broadcast, OOH and online.


Client: ASB
GM Marketing (Acting): Sumi King
Chapter Lead – Consumer Marketing: Vanessa Morris
Brand Lead: Elle Lee
Brand Campaigns Manager: Shem Baua
GM Customer Outcomes and Advocacy: Rosalyn Clarke
Creative Agency: The Monkeys Aotearoa, part of Accenture Song
Media Agencies: Dentsu, Acquire & Search Republic
Sound mixing: Craig Matushka
Music licensing: Jonathan Mihaljevich
Production Company: Finch
Director: Alex Roberts

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