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The new Whittaker’s Toffee Milk Chocolate campaign – devised by Whittaker’s, in collaboration with Assignment Group and MBM – once again has taken inspiration from history, says assistant marketing manager Jasmine Currie.

“The campaign design and content plays on the nostalgia that comes with re-imagining the 1930s Whittaker’s classic, the Toffee Milk toffee.”

As the new Toffee Milk Chocolate is a limited-edition product, and given Whittaker’s high level of engagement with chocolate lovers on social media, Whittaker’s have chosen to keep this campaign activity entirely social-led, Currie says.

There is no TVC for this campaign – but videos are being shot and uploaded onto Whittaker’s social channels throughout the course of the campaign.

To focus the campaign, Whittaker’s also commissioned a custom-built horse-drawn cart, like those used by JH Whittaker & Sons to distribute their chocolate back in the day.

“We commissioned Wheelwright Shop in the Wairarapa to make the cart especially for this launch,” Currie said. “The iron and front leather panel has been lovingly restored, using traditional techniques.”

Earlier this week, the horse-drawn cart made its way up Auckland’s Queen Street to Aotea Square, where chocolate lovers met the Whittaker’s team and sampled the new product.

“There is no TVC for this campaign – but videos are being uploaded to Whittaker’s social channels.”


Whittaker’s: Holly Whittaker, Jasmine Currie, Caitlin Attenburrow, Hannah Gray
Assignment Group: Chris Bleackley, Julia Walshaw, Rebecca Clarke, Louise Cheeseman
MBM: Matt Bale, Hannah Eastwood, Tara Ryan

About Whittaker’s
Established in New Zealand 120 years ago, Whittaker’s remains a family-owned New Zealand company. With 100% of its operations in New Zealand, Whittaker’s is proud to be one of the largest employers in the Wellington region and an exporter of quality products. For the past five years in a row, Whittaker’s has been voted New Zealand’s Most Trusted Brand in the Reader’s Digest annual awards.

About Wheelwright
Wheelwright Shop is located in Gladstone, Wairarapa, and is owned by Greg & Ali Lang. Greg Lang served an apprenticeship in the UK and has a City & Guilds of London qualification in wheelwrighting & carriage building, while Ali Lang learned the art of traditional coach painting & lining while also in the UK. They also created horse-drawn vehicles for The Lord of the Rings and the The Last Samurai.

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