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AUCKLAND, Today: TVNZ is sending a personal message to streamers with a new campaign promoting “the ultimate viewing freedom” of TVNZ OnDemand. It’s Yours positions TVNZ OnDemand as a true viewing destination, says TVNZ marketing director Jonathan Symons.

“Whatever you’re into and whatever mood you’re in, it’s yours with TVNZ OnDemand,” he says, in a PR release.

“We’re the latest Doctor Who, we’re the back-to-back binge of Heartbreak Island, we’re Breakfast live on the bus to work, we are Anika Moa Unleashed in your lunch break and Killing Eve late into the night. We’re different things to different people.

It’s yours brings to life our OnDemand initiatives for viewers, highlighting the wide breadth of content we offer, as well as the range of devices available and the simplicity and ease of the user experience.

“We are in the business of delivering the best of local and global shows to New Zealanders how and when they want it across broadcast TV and online platforms. We’re especially focused on the OnDemand user experience for both our content and advertising with a particular eye on our fast-growing OD endpoint of connected TVs,” he said.

“The TV ad campaign is supported by outdoor and out-of-home executions rolling out nationally.”

“In the past 12 months TVNZ has refocused its approach to TVNZ OnDemand with increased investment across content, marketing and its product platforms. With 1092 shows available to watch, there’s now twice as many hours of viewing as this time last year, including New Zealand-made exclusives, full seasons of global hits and all TVNZ channels streamed live.

“It’s a strategy that’s seen OnDemand achieve a record 102 million streams in the last year – and the momentum is continuing. In September weekly audience reach averaged 311,000, up 30% on the same time last year.

“We see growing our online strength – while maintaining our number one position in broadcast TV – as the key to taking TVNZ into the future. To do that, we’re focused on delivering for our viewers how it suits them.”

The creative idea underpinning It’s yours was a joint effort between TVNZ’s marketing and Blacksand teams and Assignment. The TV ad campaign is supported by outdoor and out-of-home executions rolling out nationally.


Strategy and Creative: TVNZ Blacksand with Assignment
Production: TVNZ Blacksand
Media agency: Starcom

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