AU shops produced new Domino’s NZ campaign

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AUCKLAND, Today: Sydney agency It’s Friday has created a NZ campaign to promote two new Domino’s Pizza products.

Most ad people have no problem with the economics behind the use of an Aussie shop for an AUNZ campaign – but do find it difficult when the client bends over backwards to obscure the creative’s ocker roots.

Nowhere on the release (directly out of Domino’s – no NZ PR for these guys) does the word Australia appear, and the credits list doesn’t name any agency.

When asked, Domino’s NZ promptly supplied the name of the agency – but again kept its location out of the picture.

“The new NZ range costs $7 at all Domino’s stores nationwide.”

It required multiple Linkedin searches to reveal that all the creative people involved – including the production house – were AU-based (as opposed to “ANZ”).

Domino’s NZ GM Cameron Toomey (in the release) said: “The two new extra value range pizzas – offering pizza lovers more toppings, more flavour, and more choice across New Zealand – were introduced yesterday.

“For pizza aficionados who have a love of tangy BBQ, then the new BBQ sausage & bacon is sure to top their favourite pizza list, featuring new and improved Italian sausage and crispy rasher bacon; while those craving a hearty slice will be satisfied by the 3 meats, which includes spicy pepperoni, italian sausage, and seasoned ground beef.

“Domino’s new range costs $7 at all Domino’s stores nationwide.”


Client: Domino’s
Chief Marketing Officer, ANZ: Adam Ballesty (Sydney)
Senior Brand Manager ANZ: Teneille Rudd
Brand Manager NZ: Mike Exworthy
Senior Production Manager: Peter Walmsley
Innovation & Planning Brand Manager ANZ: Lucy Caskey
Culinary Innovation & Development Chef: Michael Treacy (Brisbane)
Product Development Coordinator: Jen Ross
Creative Agency: It’s Friday (Sydney)
Production Company: Tasty Pictures (Brisbane)
Director/DOP: Ronald Koetzier
Executive Producer: Andrew Wareham
Producer: Mark Bishop
Food Stylist: Jacqui Hudson Hing
Sound Design and Mix: Sounds Like Butter

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