Auckland agency helps Stuff introduce its revolutionary nationwide fibre service

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Stuff Fibre has launched New Zealand’s first national fibre only service, promising consumers a better, simpler internet experience with unlimited data, no fixed term contracts, simple billing and local customer service.

Auckland agency Little Giant designed the brand positioning, initial campaign creative and consumer facing digital assets.

“We designed the customer experience to be intuitive yet simple, giving people the information that they needed in a delightful and engaging way,” said Little Giant account director Danica Paki. “The objective was to develop a customer experience that felt personalised, using existing data sources to provide contextual data where possible.”

The website is a high performance single page application which was built with React, a JavaScript library from Facebook. Little Giant have been building with this innovative technology for the past few years.

“We’ve worked closely with the Stuff Fibre team, iterating rapidly to build a high performance application which integrates with their own business and fulfilment software,” said Little Giant chief technology officer Stevie Mayhew.

“Utilising innovative technology has allowed my team to work at the rapid pace required to get the solution to market in a timely fashion, and will allow us to continue to build upon the platform going forward as part of our ongoing relationship with the Stuff Fibre team.”

Stuff Fibre is a joint venture between Fairfax Media NZ and NZ Fibre Communications Ltd, and Sam Morse, MD at NZ Fibre Communications, says there’s room for a fibre retailer that does things differently.

“Fibre is the future we’ve all been waiting for and it’s all we offer,” he told M+AD. “We’re launching with simple fibre plans and products and a quick and easy online signup process. We’ll provide customers with a high-end wi-fi router/modem designed for fibre fast speeds, enabling multiple devices to be used at the same time with no lag resulting in a superior internet experience.

“We’re truly dedicated to putting our customer first. We’re giving people the freedom to use the internet the way they want, when they want, delivering an experience designed to remove the confusion and frustration around fibre internet services.”

Founder/ceo of independent broadband comparison site Broadband Compare, Gavin Male, says Stuff Fibre offers a unique proposition.

“As a pure play fibre ISP, Stuff Fibre makes it easy for Kiwis with no fixed term contracts, unlimited data, good speeds and a high quality WiFi modem,” he said.

“We compare the country’s best value broadband plans from over 90 NZ internet providers, and Stuff Fibre’s blend of features coupled with competitive pricing means they’ve shot to the top end of the nationwide fibre broadband providers.

“Fibre customers want simple, fast and unlimited and that’s what Stuff Fibre aims to deliver.”

More than 240,000 New Zealand homes are already connected to fibre and over 830 new households and businesses connect to it every working day.

Sam Morse: “The Government is committed to rolling out fibre across NZ, but we think the experience many Kiwis are having through their ISPs isn’t as good as it could be. Why should it be so hard to get great customer service, along with a great internet connection? It shouldn’t be – and Stuff Fibre is our answer.

“Our team has a real depth of experience across the industry we know the customer pain points. We’ve lived and breathed telecommunications, we’ve listened and learned. Stuff Fibre is designed to solve these problems for our customers.”

Stuff Fibre costs $89.50 per month, and includes:

  • Unlimited data
  • Ultra fast 100mbps fibre
  • Gigabit WiFi router
  • No installation or joining fee
  • No fixed-term contracts
  • SafeZone the ability to control the types of internet content you access at home, helping make the internet safer for the whole fmily
  • A high level of customer service from its local NZ-based contact centre.

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