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AUCKLAND, Today: Audi this morning launches out-of-home placements where its famous four ring interlinked logo separates to help promote social distancing in New Zealand.

This execution, which was initially launched on Audi’s global social media platforms, has now been extended to run on out-of-home in New Zealand, reaching people and reminding them to stay safe when they are out in their local community for essential products and services.

Audi has partnered exclusively with JCDecaux with these placements, running across nine premium, digital, large-format touchpoints in Auckland.

“Audi’s famous four-ring interlinked logo separates on the Auckland JCDecaux boards to help promote social distancing in NZ.”

The creative sees Audi’s four ring logo separate with the line “Keep your distance” and then interlink again with the line “Stay together”.

JCDecaux trading & innovations director Kurt Malcolm said: “This ingenious placement is aimed at supporting guidance to keep at least two metres apart from each other when outside the normal place of residence to help flatten the curve of Covid-19.

“The Audi placement is an important message that JCDecaux NZ wanted to communicate to the New Zealand public.

“I would like to thank FCB and Audi for working in partnership with JCDecaux NZ to get this activity live so quickly.”

These placements will appear until Friday week (26 April).


Media Agency: FCB NZ
PR: Third Ave

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