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AUCKLAND, Today: Digital outdoor company Lumo has released its inaugural Real-Time Traffic Insights report, setting (the company says) a new benchmark for out-of-home audience reporting.

Co-founder/ceo Phil Clemas said: “We will be releasing quarterly reports off the back of our partnership with US-based AdMobilize.

“The reports reveal Real-Time traffic volume, trends, patterns, and insights unlike any other media operator. These provide advertisers with an honest and independent view of Lumo’s audience – something that has become a critical component of the future for confidence in the OOH industry.

“The release of this inaugural quarterly report is a tangible signal to our clients that we are serious when it comes to truth metrics and we will work collaboratively with the wider OOH industry players to help establish new standards and develop a plan to advocate for DOOH as a distinct media channel in its own right,” Clemas said.

“It has been almost three years since Lumo started collecting, analysing, training and improving the accuracy and stability of this leading-edge technology which is licensed from AdMobilize. Data has been compiled by location, in real-time that produces the most accurate, current and transparent truth metrics for each of Lumo’s digital screens. 

“Today, ‘truth metrics’ is feasible at scale. Brands and agencies are demanding ground-truth results for their OOH adspend.”

“Today, ‘truth metrics’ is feasible at scale. Brands and agencies are slowly realising and demanding ground-truth results for their OOH ad spend. Avant-guard operators are converting and enabling their networks to anonymously and granularly quantify ad engagement in the physical world. The traditional legacy-type operators are feeling the pressure, which will ultimately force them to change and evolve into operating with full transparency.”

AdMobilize ceo Rodolfo Saccoman said: “Meanwhile, more agile and newer billboard operators like Lumo are embracing these new technologies at an exponential pace, enabling them to capture market share while providing their clients with the new normal where opportunity to see and who actually saw my ads is measured with near perfect accuracy.”

Measurement of actual traffic volumes forms the foundation of Lumo’s audience analytics, with the next phase of development to include vehicle type, make, model and age from February 2020.

Lumo has made transparency a top priority with a number of initiatives being released over the last year, including: drone video footage of each digital screen, client log-in access to their Livestreaming HD camera network to see campaigns displaying in real-time and their independent campaign display reports prepared by tech firm Seedooh.

About Lumo
Lumo Digital Outdoor is New Zealand’s only national pure-play digital out-of-home advertising company. Created to offer clients a single focus on all things digital outdoor, Lumo’s emphasis on high-resolution large format LED billboards, premium inner-city locations and leading-edge smart software technologies gives advertisers the edge. Lumo was founded by New Zealand media industry stalwarts Kent Harrison and Phil Clemas in 2016.

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