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AUCKLAND, Today: The NZ creative production and technology sector, with a little help from agency/production house Augusto, has launched a new campaign, Your Creative Business Can Happen Now, offering a production hub solution to studios looking to keep innovating amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The campaign, which runs online, is a cross-sector, private-public partnership with NZ Trade & Enterprise, Callaghan Innovation and Chorus.

AMO Group ceo Sam Witters said: “As a result of the Government’s quick and decisive response to Covid-19, the NZ creative and production community, already world renowned, is uniquely positioned to provide a robust and diverse range of screen production, animation, gaming, digital, AR/VR, and more.

“Whether live action or digital, on location or in studio, the campaign showcases the many country-wide end-to-end solutions for international entertainment companies and businesses.

“The campaign showcases the many country-wide end-to-end solutions for international entertainment businesses.”

“New Zealand has an abundance of talent including award-winning story-tellers, creatives, technologists, world-class animators and game developers, combined with open businesses and local supply chains.

“That means we are an exceptional one-stop-shop not only for major studios but, importantly, small and mid-level studios needing best-in-class solutions, fast and on-budget. We are here to help our international colleagues get their projects up-and-running again.”

“With a reputation as one of the best places in the world to do business, this offering is a unique nationwide integration of screen production, creative technology and business.”

Prospective partners are invited to visit for more information.

The AMO Group
The AMO Group’s vision is to grow Aotearoa New Zealand’s screen production and creative technology sector. It’s a growing collective of leading NZ production companies, whose skills and experience are in film, television, animation, digital, interactive, post production, voice over, gaming and story-telling.

Members include:


Creative Agency: Augusto
Film Production: Augusto
Executive Producer: Dan Story
Campaign powered by: AMO Group
PR & Communications: The Public Good (independent)
Executive Producers: Michelle Walshe and Cass Avery
Producers: Daniel Story and Simone Goulding
Editor/Post Director: Kat Kasajima
Motion Designer: David Frearson
Facilities/Post Manager: Zoe Jones

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