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AUCKLAND, Today: Melbourne creative indie Bullfrog, aided and abetted by NZ indie media shop Together, has launched a new campaign for AIA NZ, featuring its science-backed health and wellbeing programme AIA Vitality (scroll down for a detailed credits list).

Bullfrog chief strategy officer Angela Busby said: “Busting the myth of overnight success, the Small Steps Matter campaign champions the power of small, achievable steps when it comes to our health and wellbeing whilst educating the audience on the unique benefits that AIA Vitality offers.

“In a sport where success is measured in centimetres, no-one knows the power of small steps more than Dame Valerie Adams. We want to show Kiwis what they can achieve with their health and wellbeing and how we can help them get there.”

“‘Small Steps Matter’ was launched via an integrated media strategy by Together Auckland.”

Bullfrog planning director Chris Steele said: “This year the world is already focused on high performance sport, so we wanted to remind New Zealanders that while our individual goals and dreams might be different, the way to move towards them is the same for an elite athlete as it is for you and me.”

Bullfrog ceo Dalton Graham said: “Working with a purpose-driven organisation like AIA New Zealand is fantastic.

“The category had drifted to a sea of sameness recently, and we think this side of Dame Valerie’s story and the strategy behind Small Steps Matter will earn AIA New Zealand a great share of attention in the market.”

The campaign launched via an integrated media strategy by Together Auckland.


Client: AIA New Zealand (NZ)
CEO AIA NZ: Nick Stanhope
AIA NZ Chief Strategy Officer: Angela Busby
AIA ANZ General Manager Brand and Marketing Service: Kate Leplaw
AIA NZ Head of Brand: Janet Meacher
AIA NZ Head of Corporate Social Responsibility: Anna Biss
AIA NZ Manager Branded Content: Emma Punter
Creative Agency: Bullfrog (Melbourne)
CEO: Dalton Graham

Creative Director
: Dan Sparkes
Planning Director: Chris Steele
Creative: Amy Peden, Chris Ellis, Tiana Gibbons-Campbell
Client Service Director: Libby Gude
Account Manager: Lucy Bulling
Senior Producer: Chris King

: Dame Valerie Adams
Dame Valerie Adams Management: Nicole Antonelli @ Halo Sport
Director: Charlotte Evans
DOP: Tammy Williams
Production Manager: Lissandra Leite
Editors: Alexander Gandar, Christopher Axiaq
Colourist: Matic Prusnik
Stylist: Tori Ambler
Art: Laura Taylor
Sound: Paul Le Couteur @ Squeak E. Clean Studios (Melbourne)
Music: Mike Newport
Voice Over: Rena Owen
Photographer: Hamish Melville

: Together (Auckland)
Managing Partner: Rufus Chuter
Client Director: Josh Reiri-Allen
Senior Executive: Jacob Williams
Search Director: Adveta Dethe
Programmatic Manager: Melvin Hadi

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