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Aussie condom brand Skyn was ready for this week’s historic same-sex marriage proclamation – getting this very good TVC up and running the next day.

The brand also posted several Instagram teasers in the days leading up to the results, featuring profiles of people framed by quotes – the answer to what makes them say “yes” in the bedroom and why they were voting “yes”.

The Sydney connections of Sid Lee Paris, which created the campaign, rounded out the operation with an e-commerce activation, matching the percentage of “yes” votes with a 61% discount on all online purchases.

The initiative was so successful that most pharmacies sold out in under six hours.

“Skyn helps Australians scream ‘Yes’ in the bedroom every day, and with this operation, is helping them celebrate another performance well done,” says Sid Lee international PR director Theda Braddock, who kindly sent the release direct to M+AD.

Lifestyles is a global brand, with an office in Melbourne.


Advertising Agency: Sid Lee Paris
Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache
Creative Directors: Céline and Clément Mornet Landa
Art Director: Sophie Dherbecourt
Copywriter : Max Harrington
Head of Strategy: Alex Pasini
Strategist: Ambroise Soulé and Patrice Zamy
Head of Production: Thomas Laget
Deputy Managing Director: Mehdi Benali
Account Director: Héloïse Marchal
Account Manager: Trisha Mitra
Production Co: In The Thicket (Sydney)
Executive Producer: Genevieve Triquet
Client: LifeStyles Healthcare: SKYN®
Chief Executive Officer: Jeyan Heper
Vice President Global Marketing: Matthew Groskorth
Associate Director, Global Marketing: Marta Toth
Global Brand Marketing Manager: Nicolas Woussen

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