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The New Zealand AIDS Foundation has turned to Sydney-based digital/strategic/design agency Frost*collective for its new Ending HIV campaign. Frost* conceived, designed and executed the campaign – described by one Campaign Brief Australia commentator as having “a compelling positive (negative) goal that is both a stretch and a welcome change of focus”.

The campaign aims to stop all HIV transmissions in New Zealand by 2025, in line with its Australian mission to do the same by 2020. Launching last week for an initial three-month period, the core campaign has been modified for the local New Zealand market.

The NZ AIDS Foundation approached Frost*collective wanting to replicate the measurable success achieved with the campaign of the same name implemented in NSW over the past five years. Frost*collective’s strategy took the various phases of Ending HIV, and made them culturally relevant to New Zealand’s gay and bisexual communities.

Brand executions include billboards, street posters, venue posters, stickers, condom wallet, pocket guide, wrist bands and an introductory video. Apparel includes t-shirts, shorts and singlets. Event flags and tents have also been created in addition to a paid print and digital media campaign.

The objective of the first three months of NZAF’s Ending HIV campaign is to engage and mobilise gay and bisexual men to personally opt in, to end the transmission of HIV within a decade. By promoting frank dialogue around the issues of safe sex practices, adherence to frequent HIV testing and adoption of early treatment, the campaign hopes to convey the messages that we all play a part in the goal of ending HIV.

HIV on the rise in NZ
The launch of the campaign comes as New Zealand reports record numbers of HIV transmissions year on year. According to research conducted in 2011, an estimated 1 in 15 gay and bisexual men in Auckland are living with HIV and of these, 1 in 5 are unaware of their status. These are concerning statistics in light of New Zealand having one of the highest rates of condom use in the world.

Some changes to the campaign have been made, including endorsing the campaign with Love Your Condom, NZAF’s existing and highly successful campaign around condom use. Use of the original creative, which employs bold graphics and cheeky messaging, has ensured campaign consistency across markets, while leveraging the campaign’s most recognised elements.

NZ AIDS Foundation executive director Jason Myers said: “Now is the time to take action to contribute to HIV prevention efforts, to pledge support and to educate each other about HIV prevention.

Ending HIV is a multi-phased and evolving campaign designed to strategically affect behavioural change which, we believe, is pivotal to successfully achieving our goal of ending HIV transmissions by 2025.”

Frost*collective group CD Ant Donovan said: “It’s very fulfilling knowing that we have the opportunity to take what has been a measurably effective campaign to another market to emulate the same success.”

Agency: Frost*collective
Group Creative Director: Ant Donovan
Designer: Chris Griffiths
Designer: Alex Baumann
Senior Account Director: Phil Smith
Design Production Manager: Jason Hughes
Videographer: Joseph Harper

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