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SYDNEY, Today: Aussie-based influencer & creative talent platform The Right Fit has announced it is expanding into New Zealand “due to heightened demand for local talent”.

TRF is run – for the moment – by Sydney-based founder/ceo Taryn Williams, and as yet has no office or staff in NZ – the “expansion” is more in the nature of an alignment with Auckland integrated creative indie Darkhorse.

The Right Fit is officially launching in NZ so they will eventually have a dedicated NZ office and staff – however this NZ team has been “slightly delayed” due to Covid so is currently still being managed out of Australia.

Darkhorse’s role is to help launch as a new brand in NZ.

Williams said (in a statement released in NZ by Darkhorse’s Auckland-based comms manager Magdalen Drummond): “An increase in enquiries from brands wanting to work with New Zealand-based talent alongside the need for a more streamlined influencer booking experience for NZ brands inspired the decision to expand the business, which also

operates across Australia and Singapore.

“Global brands are looking to include New Zealand talent to localise their campaigns. Bringing together a crew – from actors and models to makeup artists, and photographers – currently involves looking in all the different niches for the right people.

“In New Zealand, there isn’t a ‘go-to’ hub for influencers either.

“The Right Fit accepts NZ celebrities, models, actors, presenters, bloggers, influencers, content creators, makeup artists, photographers, stylists and videographers.”

“There’s a gap in the market for a platform where brands and agencies can easily find the team they need. The Right Fit has always prided itself as a destination for brands that want the convenience of being able to create an entire campaign from start to finish and we are pleased to be able to offer this solution in New Zealand.

The Right Fit has already started working with Darkhorse on the planning of a number of upcoming campaigns as well as networking with the agency’s existing talent relationships to spread awareness of the New Zealand launch.”

Dark Horse Auckland co-founder Liam Taylor said: “We work on numerous campaigns and even with our existing network and experience it can be time-consuming to assemble and analyse a team of ambassadors, content creators and influencers that give us enough diversity across our broad range of clients.

“The Right Fit gives us the versatility to pick the most suitable talent from a pool of the nation’s best, and we can tailor our choices according to the client and the details of the campaign. It lets us delve into detailed analytics and insights to give us the confidence that we are delivering the best match for our clients.”

The Right Fit accepts New Zealand talent such as celebrities, models, actors, presenters, bloggers, influencers, content creators, hair and makeup artists, photographers, stylists and videographers.

Clients list a job and specify the crew they need, and then field responses from registered talent.

Since launch in 2016 The Right Fit has established a solid presence in the Australian market working with brands like Qantas, Koala, Hello Fresh & Rebel Sport and has over 12,000 talent on the platform.

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