AI + Communicaton Symposium investigates impact of AI in multiple sectors 

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AUCKLAND, Today: On Wednesday 6 September, AUT will host the AI + Communication Symposium to share research and foster discussion. Participation – in person or online – is free.

AUT senior comms manager Nicola Igusa  said: “Generative AI has captured the public’s imagination in 2023, due partly to the accessibility of tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney and DALL-E2.

“Generative AI has captured the public’s imagination in 2023.”

“The symposium will investigate AI’s impact across the a wide range of themes. There’s heaps on interesting talks, including several that touch on advertising and communications, as well as the wider creative and healthcare sectors.”

The symposium will finish with a panel discussion – Where to next? – chaired by Nigel Horrocks.

Organiser of the symposium is Associate Professor Angelique Nairn.

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