An ad school show for CDs who hate schmoozing

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: In a somewhat fitting end to the year, one AUT Ad School student received a positive result for Covid-19 as she was putting the finishing touches on her portfolio. “And while her symptoms haven’t been pleasant, she is fully vaccinated and has created a book to be proud of,” says tutor Matt Halliday.

Tutors Dan Fastnedge, Jo Page and Halliday give credit to all their students for putting in a “huge amount of work under difficult circumstances”.

Page: “There’s a tenacity to this lot. It hasn’t been easy but they’ve produced books that rival the work of any year that’s come before them.

“Head to our website and if you see something you like, drop them a line – whether you’re hiring or not. It’ll mean a lot.”

Fastnedge: “We couldn’t have got them across the line without a huge amount of help from friends in the industry. So many people have been incredibly generous with their time and expertise. Real world experience, from the confines of their bedrooms, has really helped our students push their work.

“Obviously, there will be no in-person event this year. On the upside, instead of having to smile politely and make small talk with strangers, you can flick through their portfolios at leisure.

“The stellar ideas, carefully crafted books, and all the teams’ contact details are available on the website. Head to our website [scroll down for the link] and if you see something you like, drop them a line to let them know (whether you’re hiring or not). It’ll mean a lot.”

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