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AUCKLAND, Today: After two rounds of judging a multitude of 6-second YouTube campaigns from MDS and AUT, the final three Axis 2021 Student finalists are all from MDS AdSchool students, according to CD Kate Humphries.

“A huge thank you to judges Lisa Fedyszyn & Jonno McMahon from Special Group, Melina Fiolitakis & Slade Gill from FCB; and Victoria Berthinussen (creative agency lead at Google Sydney).

“We know how very busy you all are, so we really do appreciate you taking the time out to nurture future talent by putting yourself through two rounds of judging, as well as providing invaluable feedback for all the shortlisted teams. 

“Many thanks also to Val Mathieu & Natasha Galloway from the Comms Council for organising the competition, and Victoria Berthinussen from Google for sponsoring the competition, briefing the students and helping to judge all the entries.

“Their tutors are just going to spend the night chilling – knowing that one of our teams have won.”

“And lastly, a big congratulations to our three teams …

  • Robyn Ramsey & Luke Roxburgh for Kapiti Only in your Country, an idea which the judges said ‘turned a well-known NZ YouTube negative into a positive, in a way that makes you a little proud to have something so good, the world can’t have’;
  • Gabrielle Larsen & Arron Sharma for McDonald’s Secret Menu Secret Ads which the judges applauded for its ‘effective use of 6-second storytelling, which used both humour and a clever sense of mystery to make a well-known secret even more famous’;
  • And James McCulloch & Charlotte Upton for Instant Kiwi’s 6 Second Wins which the judges voted in for its ‘memorable craft, effective and humorous six-second storytelling, all based on a truth that we all wait for those 6 seconds to end’.

“Whilst all six students eagerly await the final nail-biting announcement at the Axis Awards to see whose 6-second campaign wins the final Google Student Axis Award, their tutors are just going to spend the night chilling knowing that one of our teams have won’.

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