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Y&R, working with Weta Digital, has produced an emotional creative campaign – as part of National Road Safety Week – for road safety charity Brake. The aim is to encourage New Zealanders to think about the potential lifelong cost of their decisions on the road.

The project is called Living Memories (

Five families from around the country volunteered to be part of the project. Each family worked with a forensic age progression specialist and the digital artists at Weta Digital, to help create an individual portrait of what their child – lost years before in a terrible crash – would look like today.

On average each week in New Zealand, five families are told the devastating news that someone they love, is someone they will never see again. Their families don’t just lose a loved one. They lose everything that person could have become.

Starting with a collection of childhood and family photographs, forensic specialist Kevin Darch created an artistic impression of how each child lost would look in 2015.

This image was then supplied to Weta Digital who digitally sculpted a 3D portrait model of each person including the fine detail like eyelashes, eyebrows, skin tone and texture. Each portrait was touched by at least eight different artists in various departments at Weta Digital to create the final images.

Brake, Y&R NZ and TVNZ then partnered to take this project and its important message into the homes of Kiwis via NZ’s high rating current affairs show, Sunday. The story immediately stirred up a reaction on TVNZ Sunday Facebook page, and was then also picked up by TV One Breakfast, NZ Herald,, NZ Women’s Weekly, and more.

“Road crashes have devastating consequences for families and the effects last a lifetime,” says Brake’s Caroline Perry. “The aim with this campaign is to look not only at lost lives, but also lost potential and lost futures. Living Memories has given these five families an opportunity to see what their child might have looked like, and demonstrates to the rest of us the lasting impact that crashes have.”

Y&R senior art director Lisa Dupre said: “Meeting the families and presenting them the portraits was a profoundly moving experience and I hope that this campaign will touch people in a meaningful way.”

The Living Memories project is also running in print, social, online and outdoor media.


Client: Brake
Development Director: Caroline Perry
Agency: Y&R NZ
CCO / CEO: Josh Moore
Creative Director: Scott Henderson, Seymour Pope
Senior Art Director: Lisa Dupre
Head Producer: Christina Hazard
Account Director: Claire Dooney
Account Manager: Chelsea Dowling
Senior Media Planner: Kylee Davidson-Corrin
Designers: James Wendelborn, Kate Whitley
Executive Digital Producer: Bruce Murray
Digital Producer: Pat Co
Head of Motion Graphics: Michael Frogley
National Ideas Director: Jason Wells
General Manager: Grant Maxwell
Managing Director – Wellington: Tim Ellis


Digital production company: Weta Digital
Editor: James (Squid) Kelly, Pat O’Sullivan
DOP: Will Moore


Forensic specialist: Kevin Darch
TVNZ: Joanne Mitchell, Briar McCormack
Researcher: Alison Horwood
Freelance reporter: Amanda Miller

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