Badger refreshes Freeview brand identity

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AUCKLAND, Today: M+AD ran a detailed Freeview rebranding story on Tuesday – but sadly omitted this striking rebrand graphic from K Rd indie Badger Comms. That’s the graphic above, and here is a summary of that story …

Freeview GM Leon Mead said: “In the coming weeks, Badger and Freeview will begin rolling out the evolved brand identity, reflecting a refocus on the live delivery of TV and radio.

“This is a natural progression, following the sunset of its on-demand service last year, and successful rollout of its Freeview streaming TV app in December 2022. 

“Freeview will focus on tapping into the quintessential experience of live TV and radio – that for generations brought us together for key moments, or provided a backdrop while family routines played out.

“The brand refresh will channel this association with home, relaxation and human connection and the immediacy of the live experience.

“Free-to-air, delivered live, has always been at the heart of Freeview. With live TV all about the now and the present, it’s only fitting that we introduce a refreshed brand to reflect this.

“Badger’s revised wordmark reflects the excitement and energy of live TV. It also provides a customised icon for easy recognition and infinite execution possibilities.

“The modernised logo is bold, crisp, and contemporary. There are certain elements that reference its history but the new identity is clearly fit for the future.”

“Staying true to Freeview’s roots, the design opts for the same primary colour palette and familiar elements, such as the tilted ‘e’ in the legacy identity.”

Badger strategy director Michael Easton said: “The modernised logo is bold, crisp, and contemporary. There are certain elements that reference its history but the new identity is clearly fit for the future.

“It sees diverse forms unified – we brought together a range of elements and dynamics that work in harmony to provide a holistic compositional balance – much like the diverse range of channels brought together on Freeview.

“The unique design of the first letter allows shorthand application and recognition in smaller spaces and opens up further creative opportunities as a graphic device.”

Mead: “This refresh aligns Freeview’s visual identity with its revitalised brand strategy and its roll-out will be gradual as Freeview concentrates its efforts on its imperative: bringing together TV and radio channels with a broad range of local and international shows that continue to enrich and reflect the Kiwi audience.

“Freeview is proud to be the home of live TV in New Zealand.

“Free access to quality information and entertainment is what Freeview is about; our story is a part of the New Zealand story, and we want all 5.1 million of us to share in this.”


Client: Freeview
General Manager: Leon Mead
Marketing Manager: Bel Wang
Product Manager: Bruno Noble
CX Lead: Jake Harvey
Agency: Badger
Business Director: Sam Irvine
Strategy Director: Michael Easton
Client Director: Janine Parkinson
Graphic Design Lead: Bridget Gaskell
PR: One Plus One

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