Nissan, Resene back Banksy’s Aotea Centre show (updated)

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Wellington-based arts promoter Stewart Macpherson has forged sponsorship deals with Resene and Nissan (Whybin/TBWA) to get behind his upcoming $30 million Aotea Centre exhibition of the art of Banksy, the celebrated English street artist.

Banksy, who is famous for being “anonymous”, was named Person of the Year at the 2014 Webby Awards in New York (scroll down to see his acceptance “speech”).

Resene (which does its own ad work inhouse) will promote the show over its network and are planning interactive activity at the exhibition.

Nissan will utilise the occasion to offer a sneak peek at its new Qashqai model.

The show will feature 80 works, including many originals sold to private collectors who have lent them back to the curator of the exhibition.

The ad (scroll down to view) was made by Ian White of Performance Media in Auckland from footage supplied by the licensor. End credits, including the running paint, were made in Amsterdam.

The Aotea show spans 33 days – 5 January to 6 February. Early-bird tickets cost $30 (after Xmas they go up to $35).

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