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AUCKLAND, Monday: Kiwi art director Basil Christensen – a creative legend at Ogilvy (and elsewhere) – died yesterday after suffering a heart attack.

Details are scarce, but his long-time creative partner Damon O’Leary has penned a moving tribute to his friend in Campaign Brief Australia (scroll down for the link).

“Bas and I evolved our careers together; from London to Wellington to Auckland when, after 25 years in Adland, Basil and Julie finally decided to pursue their dream of living in the South of France,” he wrote

“And let’s not forget the years of lunches at Cibo and NSP.”

“We had a great run on Tui Beer, Steinlager, DB Draught, Yellow Pages, White Pages, Husqvarna, Woman’s Day, TV2, TV1, Metro Mag, Cleo, WWF, etc etc etc …

“And, of course, the legendary years of lunches at Cibo and NSP.

“Fucking amazing days shared with an amazingly talented person who, much to my delight and the bane of suits, always made the logo as small as humanly possible, while creating beautiful art direction.”

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