Bastion Shine and Skills create ‘Skills Alley’ at Skills MSD Fair, via Bastion Group & Campbell+Co

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AUCKLAND, Today: This week at the Due Drop Events Centre in Manukau, Skills Group, and the Ministry of Social Development partnered for the first time to deliver a large-scale job fair involving 80 large private and public sector employers and 2000 registered attendees.

The South Auckland job fair provided an opportunity for people to walk out with employment offers or sign up for vocational skills training.

This was the first time that the Ministry of Social Development has held a job fair that brings together job seekers to talk to employers with open roles and work-focused training opportunities.

As part of the event, Skills Group worked with Bastion Shine, Spur and Campbell+Co PR to create Skills Alley, an impactful experiential event, which consisted of a bespoke collection of 12 carefully curated and vibrant Skills ‘Shacks’.

Each shack had its own interactive experience that attendees could engage with; providing a unique taster of the training Skills Group provides across a range of industries including trades, healthcare, business, police and defence, hospitality, and beauty.

Skills Group marketing director Carolyn Managh said: “The Skills MSD Job Fair provided the perfect backdrop for the first unveiling of the Skills Shacks, and they will continue to be used at future career expos and job fairs, as a way of providing playful, interactive experiences that bring vocational skills to life.

“The Skills MSD Job Fair was a fantastic opportunity to launch their new identity in the most magical and impactful way.”

“The last two years have fundamentally changed the world of work, with a major shift of focus to skills as the new work currency. Bringing the range of work-focused skills training to life in such an engaging way through Skills Alley, is a major step forward in ensuring that more people transition into career pathways rather than unemployment.

“One change can have an impact that revolutionises the world. It can launch something incredible.

“Training one person impacts a whole community. They gain employment, lifting themselves and those around them. The ripple effect.”

Danny Carlsen, Head of Design, Bastion Shine design head Danny Carlsen said: “This is the sentiment behind the new brand for Skills.

“The Skills MSD Job Fair was a fantastic opportunity to launch their new identity in the most magical and impactful way.”

Skills Alley at the Skills MSD Job Fair was a collaborative effort, with production and shacks build managed by Spur and event roll-out by Campbell+Co.


Client: Skills Group
Carolyn Managh: Marketing Director
Maggie Antone: Head of Brand – Vocational
Anna Nicholson: Brand Manager – Vocational
Garrick Armstrong: Content Producer
Agency: Bastion Shine
Managing Director: Toby Sellers
Bec Pivac: Senior Business Director
Elsi Gibbs: Business Director
Jonny Haydon: Business Manager
Danny Carlsen: Head of Design
Brent Courtney: Senior Designer
Shakira Twigden: Senior Designer
Hannah Christensen: Digital Designer
Tim Wightman: Intermediate Designer
Richard Maddocks: Chief Creative Officer
Alex Tawharu: Junior Copywriter
Caitlin Thomassen: Junior Art Director
Matt Ellwood: Innovation Director


Alistair Beckermann: Director
Judy Schalk: Talent Manager – Sponsorship & Brand Experiences
Catherine Montford: Content Producer (Freelancer)


Vinny Sherry: Managing Director
Mikayla Ngare: Account Manager

Torque Digital
Lisa Evans: Key Account Manager

Richard Davy: Account Manager

Below Studios

Matthew Clode: Director
Darshil Patel: Photographer

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