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AUCKLAND, Today: BusinessDesk contributor Patrick Smellie has penned a strong piece about the latest developments in the ongoing tragedy of the Bauer NZ exit. He also wrote a similar story for today’s Herald.

“It is now getting on for three months since the German magazine publisher, Bauer, announced it was closing its New Zealand titles,” he writes in today’s BusinessDesk email edition.

“Three months in which the company has hung onto well in excess of $2 million in pre-paid subscriptions for a range of magazines including the NZ Woman’s Weekly, the NZ Listener, North & South, House & Garden, Metro, and others.

“Either they are difficult to sell, or they are worth little, or Bauer simply doesn’t care.”

“Three months in which the star writers for those publications have quietly gone on to find new work, found new titles, and for the brand value in those previously household names to start seeping away.

“Either they are very difficult to sell, or they are worth very little, or Bauer simply doesn’t care what it gets for them. Perhaps a combination of all three.”

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