BC&F Dentsu reintroduces Chicken Tonight to the kids of today

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“Everyone agrees that Chicken Tonight is a family favourite – It’s been that way since the 90s,” we are reminded by the PR people at BC&F Dentsu in a release this morning.

“However,” the agency continues, “what has never been properly settled is which flavour reigns supreme. With a broad range of flavours available it’s not hard to see why. This year, Chicken Tonight decided it was time to find out.”

With the help of Florence Noble and Eight, BC&F Dentsu brought together 26 Kiwi and Australian, self-proclaimed ‘chicken experts’ to lend their opinion to the cause.

“This ad pays homage to the nostalgic jingle those kids simply loved … and which is now probably stuck in your head!”

“While the kids couldn’t settle on one flavour, we did achieve a great campaign that celebrates Chicken Tonight’s part in dinner debates happening in family homes all over New Zealand and Australia,” said Simplot NZ group brand manager Julian Ng, Simplot NZ Group Brand Manager.

“Thanks to the experts’ earnest answers and a charming edit, the 30” & 15” spots help reintroduce the iconic Chicken Tonight brand to a new generation of families, whilst paying homage to the nostalgic I feel like Chicken Tonight! jingle those kids of the ’90s simply loved … and which is now probably stuck in your head!”


Client: Simplot New Zealand
Creative Agency: BC&F Dentsu
Production Company: Eight
Director: Florence Noble
Post: Toybox
Sound & Music: Franklin Rd

  • That’s the 30sec Dinner Debate ad at the top of the page.
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