BCF Dentsu serves up Post-Truth Vodka – the spirit of the times?

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AUCKLAND, Today: BCF Dentsu have launched Post-Truth Vodka – but although beautifully presented, and designed as well as any premium vodka – nothing is quite what it seems.

The front of the label tells one story, the back another. 

BCF Dentsu associate creative director Rob Longuet-Higgins: “With a limited run, Post-Truth Vodka is already in short supply, however a bottle is available via auctions on eBay here with all proceeds going to the New Zealand Skeptics Society, who generously supplied us with this quote:

“We are naturally suspicious of an advertising agency suddenly becoming a champion of truth, but we like Vodka”.

“We are naturally suspicious of an ad agency suddenly becoming a champion of truth – but we like vodka!”

“Post-Truth is made from the largest grain in all of Russia and handmelted Arctic ice cap; we have achieved a flavour profile worthy of the Tsars themselves.

“One sip will immediately confirm your impeccable taste. It is at once comforting, seductive, typically unique, and boisterously subtle.

“Also, unlike the truth, it is very easy to swallow.”

The Truth
“Oh – and by the way – this isn’t vodka. It’s white rum from the Dancing Sands Distillery in Nelson, NZ. And that’s the truth. Which is rare these days.”


Associate Creative Director: Rob Longuet-Higgins
Copywriter: Jesse Stevens
Head of Production: Phil Newman
Production: Erin Webb
Photography: Aaron Mclean, Match Photography
Retouching: Cameron Jones
Rum: courtesy of Dancing Sands Distillery
Film: Steve Gulik, The Post Office

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