BCF Dentsu takes a joyride in the SUV from before SUVs were cool (Updated)

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AUCKLAND, Today: BCF Dentsu has created a new Subaru campaign that aims to reassert the meaning behind the SUV that started it all. The SUV from before SUVs were cool.

“With SUVs gaining in popularity over recent years the market has being swamped with faux SUVs with the right looks, but little of the capability, and the term has started to lose meaning,” says Subaru marketing manager Daile Stephens.

“Subaru decided it was time to reassert their place as one of New Zealand’s most trusted Sports Utility Vehicles.  

“Subarus have long been the car for people who need a little bit extra. Always providing a bit of extra grunt and a bit of extra grip. But the idea of extra holds true in their lives too. A Subaru driver is the type of person that stays out for one last wave or fishes until the last drop of light. It’s not unusual for the last car in the carpark to be a Subaru. 

“The team at Barnes Catmur and Friends, alongside Fish, have portrayed this beautifully, in our own backyard.”

“Subaru drivers are do-ers who want to live bigger lives. These experience seekers choose Subarus as an alternative option to the mainstream, as they know our SUVs will enable them to ‘do extra’ thanks to All Wheel Drive.

“The Subaru SUV Range campaign encapsulates what a New Zealand Subaru driver wants from life, and the team at Barnes, Catmur and Friends, alongside Fish, have portrayed this beautifully, in our own backyard.

“The campaign from Fish and director Jeff Wood follows a surfer, a fisherman, and a family as the last three cars in the carpark after an epic day at the beach.

“And as the days are shortening, people will be wanting to make the most of the fine weather, so BCF Dentsu have made good use of digital billboards by creating a daily countdown to sunset reminding people to go out and make the most of the warm weather.

“Plus, every night after the sun sets, the billboard becomes a countdown to sunrise, and another day to fill with fun.”


ECD: Paul Catmur
ACD: Rob Longuet-Higgins
Copywriter: Jesse Stevens
Head of Production: Phil Newman
Production Company: Flying Fish
Director: Jeff Wood
Producer: Samantha Attenborough
DOP: Ziga Zupancic
Post Production: MandyVFX

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