BC&FD adds lustre to Golden Crunch

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Simplot have teamed up with the BC&F Dentsu crew to put a fresh spin on their deliciously moreish, Birds Eye Golden Crunch chips.

“Alas,” says the BC&F Dentsu release informing us of this, “the once-loved chips had lost their lustre, giving way to the bustling nature of the frozen chip category.

“So, Simplot sprang into action and set about giving consumers more of what they really wanted. An even crunchier chip, carefully crafted with a new secret recipe. The somewhat dated packaging also got a much-loved facelift too.”

To complement the complete brand relaunch, which also includes instore and online activity, the campaign looks to reinvigorate what the product stands for, and indeed, why it should be a household staple.

“I love battered chips!” – Paul Catmur

And so, a common universal truth resonated with everyone which led to the new brand direction.

Leading the creative team, creative director Mick Stalker initially touched on an insight dating back to his childhood years, when dinner time in the Stalker house took some mighty shouting before breaking through the barrier of adolescent teens playing on Sega.

And so, it went, the diagnosis of dinner deafness, yet to be globally certified but certainly internationally recognised. The cure was then defined with some ease. One bite of the crunchiest chip and the family will appear at the dinner table.

With a little help from Eight, Toy Box, Franklin Rd
Throughout the creative development, consistent collaboration between BC&FD and Simplot involved first-hand stories of dinner time, parenting stories, and a non-stop taste testing of the battered chips. It was a hard job but someone had to do it.

“I love battered chips!” (Paul Catmur is a big fan.)

For further information or to swap taste test findings, please contact paul.catmur@bcfdentsu.com


Agency: Barnes, Catmur & Friends Dentsu
CEO: Paul Catmur
Managing Partner: Luke Farmer
Creative Director: Mick Stalker
Art Director: Rob Longuet-Higgins
Head of Production: Phil Newman
Senior Account Manager: Kate Antjoule
Client: Simplot
Marketing Communications & Brand Manager (Australia): Justin Taylor
Group Brand Manager (New Zealand): Julian Ng
Country Manager (New Zealand): Chris Buddle
Production Company: Eight
Director: Jamie Lawrence
Producer: Katie Millington
General Manager: Daniel Higgins
DOP: Aaron Morton
1st AD: Gene Keelan
Production Mgr: Tim Costar
2nd AD/Runner: Suyen Goh
Unit Manager: Joey Vaessen
DOP: Aaron Morton
Focus Puller: Henry West
DIT/Split: Conrad Armstrong
Gaffer: Tony Blackwood
Grip: Gareth Robinson
LX/Grip Assist: Blair Teesdale
LX/Grip Trainee: Jackson Vari
Art Director: Tristan McLeod
Standby Props: Lucy Lithgow
Wardrobe/Makeup: Miranda Raman
Sound: Al Seconi
Safety: Deane Lucas
Post Production: Toy Box
Audio: Franklin Road
Packaging Artwork: Red Cactus

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