bcg2 wins Tuatara

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bcg2 Wellington has been appointed to the Tuatara Brewing Co account after a brand strategy & design pitch involving an unnamed Wellington design company.

bcg2 CEO/ECD James Blackwood told M+AD his agency had been dealing with Tuatara – along with several Wellinton-based design shops – for some time. “Our appointment effectively bring everything under one banner,” he said.

Neither Blackwood nor Tuatara would disclose the names of the other agencies.

Kapiti-based Tuatara, is one of New Zealand’s most widely distributed independent craft breweries and are “proud purveyors” of some of Aotearoa’s finest hopped refreshments.

bcg2 is now engaged in reviewing packaging for global markets, label design and naming of Tuatara’s current range and new products.

“We really wanted to tell a story that reflects the new world interpretation of our beers,” Tuatara’s Melanie Percy told M+AD. ‘When we started brewing 16 years ago, our beer styles were extremely true to style, taking our cues from old world beer styles.

“But over time that has changed,” she said. “We started moving away from those traditional styles, and into our own local interpretations and variations. We now brew a pilsner with Kiwi hops, malts and ingredients – it’s uniquely Kiwi, so we want our packaging to reflect the personality of each beer style in our range.

“Craft beer is now 15% of the overall NZ beer market and we’re proud to be part of pioneers in creating this growth.”

James Blackwood said: “More than just craft brewers, Tuatara is a creative and inventive pioneer; their many craft styles and unique experiences like the Third Eye Temple of Taste in Wellington are beloved of NZ’s craft beer aficionados.

“We’re really excited to be working with such a fresh and creative business.” Tuatara will be handled out of bcg2 ’s growing Wellington office, he said.

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