Beef+Lamb NZ unveils new platform & ambassador

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: Beef + Lamb New Zealand has partnered with BCG2 to launch its first new brand platform since 2017. Good Things Start With New Zealand Beef and Lamb features rugby world champion Stacey Waaka as its latest ambassador.

The campaign – launched this week across broadcast and online TV – showcases Waaka’s winning smile, her love for New Zealand beef and lamb from an early age, and how these iron-rich foods have helped fuel her success as a professional athlete as an essential part of a well-balanced diet.

Waaka said: “I’ve grown up with delicious beef and lamb, and as well as loving the taste, it gives me the iron I need to perform. Being low in iron can impact our wellbeing, productivity and energy levels. I also love that feeling of bringing the whanau together around a great meal.”

The campaign is a collaborative effort managed by marketing strategist John Baker from Conductor.

As creative lead, BCG2 created the campaign alongside Lassoo Media and PR Partners. It focuses on the world-class satisfaction of New Zealand beef and lamb and its health benefits while encouraging Kiwis to enjoy red meat with a clear conscience.

“I have to tip my hat to Perry Bradley and the team at Film Construction for capturing that intent so well.”

Baker said: “The collaboration between all the agency partners and the Beef + Lamb crew has been a highlight of this project. That, and the performances of, and chemistry between, Stacey and Ibanez (Young Stacey), make this a really special campaign.”

BCG2 ECD James Blackwood said: “It’s been an enjoyable project. Everyone had a really good time on this one, and I think it shows in the result. It’s inspirational and upbeat, which we could all do with a bit of.

“I have to tip my hat to Perry Bradley and the team at Film Construction for capturing that intent so well. And to De Magnolia for the music. And to both Staceys. They were incredible to work with.”

With an original song, Your Time Will Come, written for the campaign by Ethan Blackwood and featuring Dende_the_Sensei and Alba Rose, Good Things Start With will be seen across broadcast TV, On Demand TV, and social media, with additional online video content that showcases the four key pillars of the campaign: taste, nutrition, iron, and sustainability.

Beef + Lamb NZ ceo Kit Arkwright said: “This is a really exciting time for us. As a country, we are committed to producing the best possible food, and New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb is like no other.

“Strategically it’s a look over the shoulder to our great past campaigns with the likes of the Iron Maidens, and it’s a celebration of what makes Kiwis special.”

“We are sure more good things will start with this campaign.”

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Client: Beef + Lamb New Zealand
Creative Agency: BCG2
Media Agency: Lassoo Media
Publicity: PR Partners
Marketing Strategy: Conductor / John Baker
BCG2 Business Director: Dean Taylor
BCG2 Executive Creative Director: James Blackwood
BCG2 Creative Director: Robin Powell
BCG2 Producer: Jozsef Fityus
Film Director: Perry Bradley
Production Company: Film Construction
Film Director: Perry Bradley
Executive Producer: Belinda Bradley
Producer: Ivan Barge
Original Soundtrack: De Magnolia
Media Insight: Lassoo Media / James Roberts
Media Account Director: Tom Black
Talent Management: The Sports Shop

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