Beer ads challenge ‘nanny state TV’

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DDB Australia ECD Darren Spiller obviously hadn’t seen the new Glassons campaign (see preceding story) when he spoke to B&T about TV ads being too conservative in the current “nanny state” environment.

Speaking to B&T’s Emma Mackenzie, the adman asked: “Remember the good ol’ days of advertising when you could crack an off-colour joke or show a woman’s buttocks without fear of running foul of the Advertising Standards Bureau?

“Big brands have always used humour to make a connection with people.” Mike O’Rourke, creative partner at Sydney agency Bloke, agrees: “There doesn’t seem to be anyone other than the beer brands that are able to laugh at themselves any more,” he said.

The Aussie admen have a valid point to make. Read the full story here.


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