Up Yours!

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: The BC&F Dentsu brewery/distillery/designery is at it again – with Up Yours, the first beer brewed for beer-can chicken.

Beer-can chicken has long been a favourite summer dish, but until now amateur chefs have had to take pot luck when selecting a suitable brew to coat the chook’s cavern.

BC&F Dentsu commissioned The Occasional Brewer in Wellington with the unusual request to help craft a beer which while potentially drinkable, is more suited to flavouring a fowl’s fundament. The result was Up Yours, a lager flavoured with lemon & thyme to add a subtle piquancy to any poulet’s posterior.

“No bird’s bunghole need miss out this summer.”

Agency MD Murray Streets said: “With about 600 cans that needed hand-labelling, it certainly tested the Christmas spirit, but as always, it’s a fun way to share our capabilities, and say thanks, or in this case, up yours to our friends.”

The limited edition run will be distributed to friends and family of the agency so that no bird’s bunghole need miss out this summer.

Photography by Yuki Sato – IDC.

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