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AUCKLAND, Today: PHD has placed a youth-targeted Mercedes-Benz NZ campaign with Ponsonby-based street post outfit Shout Media.

“Last month when PHD Group came to us with a brief for one of the most prestigious car brands in the world we were absolutely thrilled,” says Shout MD Paul Kenny.

“For this campaign, Mercedes-Benz’s marketing objective was to define a young-at-heart audience and present them with an ice-breaker model into the premium medium-sized car segment – currently led by Mercedes-Benz.

“Their goal was for the young-at-heart audience to see the youthful and high-tech design of the all-new CLA Coupé – and think about how it suits their lifestyle and personality.”

“Having a brand like Mercedes-Benz on our network demonstrates how far the poster medium has come.”

Kenny says PHD saw this as the perfect opportunity to challenge the definition of a premium media channel.

“Cue Shout street posters,” Kenny says.

“Young-at-heart is at the core of what we do. Over the past four years Shout has worked hard to build a platform where all brands, big and small, new and well established, can feel confident they’ll look sharp in a channel only considered by underground advertisers less than a decade ago.

“All parties involved wanted to highlight the neon-themed suite of global creative, and so we installed neon lighting supplied by a locally based Auckland business – Radikal Neon.

“We ran a nationwide two-week campaign, and chose two of our hero sites to feature the special build creative.

“Having a brand like Mercedes-Benz on our network demonstrates how far the poster medium has come.

“It’s no longer just a platform for music and events but a serious consideration for all brands due to the high quality presentation and cost effective reach posters can provide.”


Agency: PHD Group
Account Director: Daniel Cho
Account Manager: Jamie Bowman

Media Executive
: Lauren Kennaway
Media: Shout Media
MD: Paul Kenny

Mercedes-Benz Marketing Manager
: Catherine Teoh

Publicis Senior Account Manager
: Hannah Henderson

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