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AUCKLAND, Today: The best headline of the week would have to be this gem from yesterday’s NZ Herald Sports section: “Shag’s pile goes under the hammer.”

Yep. Hanson’s put his house on the market.

Three more good ones …

  • “Rugby is a game made in heaven … oops, New Zealand.” Herald sports writer Chris Rattue – not only one of the most original sports writers in the game, but a true patriot!
  • “Has the Shad bolted?” Sunday News & Sunday Star-Times use the same headline on their reports about Invercargill mayor Tim Shadbolt’s unscheduled absence from an election meeting. As Detective Hieronymous Bosh would say: “Coincidence? No such thing!”
  • “Axis 2020 nigh”. From M+AD. Not often do we get to use poetic Olde Englishe words like ‘nigh’.

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