Best ideas came with ‘a few drinks’

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Former Saatchi & Saatchi head Mike Hutcheson shared business insights at the PrintNZ Forum at SkyCity recently.

In an often history-laden presentation, Hutcheson (now an advisor with the Image Centre) spoke of how “life was simple” for those like himself leading the advertising industry in the 1970s, when a placement in The Listener and on television would essentially “get everyone”.

Hutcheson drew a comparison as to how modern air travel had changed but not ended sea travel, and challenged the print industry to “go upmarket”. “Some things you still want in print,” he said.

Noting that “everything changes, but everything stays the same”, he said human motivations were the same as they had always been — “you need to work out how to reach them”.

He said social media outlets were a perfect means to “get inside their heads”.

Hutcheson said minds work best when people were relaxed and possibly even drifting in thoughts. “The best ideas we’ve ever had is when we’ve had a few drinks.”

As a parting thought, he shared a quote from Charles Darwin: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.”

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