Beyond the call of duty

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French-produced probiotic drink Actimel engaged Auckland-based content production outfit Fish&Clips (a division of Flying Fish) to poke fun at the inner workings on a TVC shoot via some snappy content pieces. 

Produced for RKCR/Y&R London, the Stay Strong series of clips capture humorous and somewhat testing moments after consecutive shoot days.

With energy levels beginning to wain and people’s patience being tested, this content campaign aims to give viewers a cheeky insight to the crew themselves having to stay strong to the ever-building set pressure.

From the stressed animal wrangler mentally preparing their talent for camera, to the overloaded intern, we get a glimpse of the absurd demands crew face in the course of their work. All for the love of the job.

See them all here:


Client: Actimel
Agency: RKCR/Y&R London
Production Company: Fish&Clips
Director/Creative Producer: Tulsi Bramley
DOP: Dan Ax

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