BigAds partners with Scope3 and launches platform to decarbonise rich media ads

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AUCKLAND, Today: A “revolutionary” rich media platform which allows advertisers to reduce, report & offset carbon emissions using CO2 data from their partnership with Scope3 has launched in Australia and New Zealand.

BigAds AU believes it can cut emissions by up to 30% per ad by using the most eco-friendly media, optimising with attention and by compressing and reducing ad size without impacting the quality of the campaign.

CEO David Green said: “This first in the industry will help to reduce pollution generated by Australia’s digital ad industry which contributes 9.3 thousand metric tonnes of carbon emission each month.

“Using its Buddy platform – renamed Buddy Decarbonise – BIG has built a tracker and uses real time data from emissions measurement authority Scope3 – recognised as a leader in the digital advertising field.

“Advertisers can see through detailed and highly visual, real-time reporting how they reduce carbon emissions as their campaigns unfold.

“Many in the media industry have no idea of the carbon footprint of their digital campaigns – if our contribution can help to reduce emissions then it can only be a good thing.”

“The platform also allows users to offset their remaining emissions through a range of certified companies, including investing in wind farms, carbon removal projects and sustainable forestry.

“This is just one more unique feature of our Buddy platform and critical at a time our planet is suffering.

“Many in the media industry have no idea of the carbon footprint of their digital media campaigns – if our contribution can help in some way to reduce emissions and lower temperatures then it can only be a good thing.

“Although we are at the forefront of trying to help this industry reduce emissions we welcome all initiatives to tackle this climate crisis. We have to act now for the sake of future generations.”

“Features such as attention optimisation has already been shown to help reduce carbon emissions by ensuring only the best performing media is selected.

“Buddy is a rich media platform which uses attention optimisation to quickly help advertisers select media and build creative from around 30 templates.

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