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AUCKLAND, Today: Discovery NZ’s BigAds reckons it’s shaking up the digital advertising world with its newly launched fully automated self-service creative ad builder and scheduler platform.

The new platform, named Buddy, offers users more flexibility and control than before and ensures ads run exactly as planned.

Buddy allows advertising agency trading desks to quickly compile rich media ad creative and also bundle in premium media known as Deal IDs. These two pieces of code are then used to launch digital campaigns in demand side platforms like Google’s DV360 and The Trade Desk.

CEO David Green said: “Not only does it simplify and speed up the work of traders, but it has significantly driven down the price agencies pay for media and rich media creative formats for both desktop and mobile.

“The new technology is already making an impact on the industry and has attracted big names including MediaWorks, TVNZ, Discovery, Daily Mail NZ and up to 50 other local New Zealand sites covering the population of the country.

“Users can build rich media adverts and flight them within a matter of minutes. 

“They can choose to either brief their entire requirements into BigAds or start building their own ad with the compliant media.

“Buddy offers more than 30 different formats across desktop and mobile, which have all been certified with the premium publishers.

“The tech also allows agencies to pay as they go without committing to huge budgets. This allows traders to schedule and target their campaign, and stop and start or change it because of market conditions as they go.

“We have spent a lot of time and money building an ad tech product which enhances agencies’ existing DSPs and improves their workflow – and I think we’ve nailed it.”

“It’s all cloud-based so users also have immediate access to more metrics than ever, measuring total attention and dwell time through interactions of the user – which gives the most accurate insight into a consumer’s interest.

“We have spent a lot of time and money building an ad tech product which enhances the agencies’ existing DSPs and improves their workflow – and I think we’ve nailed it.

“Anyone can now build creative and generate a Deal ID of compliant rich media in a matter of minutes and at a great price and used under their own terms.

”There are no gimmicks, using Buddy is faster, better and cheaper than anything else around.

“It means that advertisers are no longer reliant on advertising agencies to manage campaigns and cutting out the middlemen and their opaque pricing.”

Trading agency Resolution digital GM Matt Keagan said: “Buddy has allowed us to redesign the way in which we produce creative and buy our media, it’s facilitated many internal workflow benefits.”

Discovery NZ head of sales Donna Gurney said: “We are pleased to partner with Big; utilising their creative formats via Buddy has enabled our team to offer a wider range of rich media solutions.

“Having rich media formats accessible programmatically has helped to increase the value of our inventory and continually improves the way we transact with our advertising partners.”

Name change
BigAds started in New Zealand 10 years ago but has recently changed its name from Big Mobile to BigAds to reflect its change to purely digital advertising across desktop and mobile devices.

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