Auckland’s billboard corner turns digital

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Anzac Avenue in downtown Auckland was developed in 1918 and within just five years, the corner of Anzac Ave and Beach Rd became an early beacon of billboard advertising. Throughout its history, the corner site has remained either vacant or used for car parking, surrounded for most of its life with static signage.

However, today Lumo Digital Outdoor marked the coming of age for the tired corner by switching on the power for the country’s two newest Digital LED Screens.

“The owners of the property were adamant that any digital billboard development should be premium, huge and designed to one day become iconic,” said Lumo ceo Phil Clemas. “Well, we have designed two new digital Screens that we hope will live up to those expectations.

“The Anzac makes a significant statement. It uses premium quality LED technology custom-designed to follow the curved contours of the site’s boundary to the footpath. Eighteen metres wide and five high, it’s a goliath which sits very close to ground level and will inform and entertain thousands of road and footpath travellers every day.”

Both Anzac and its smaller brother Beach use high resolution LED technology from US-based manufacturer Daktronics. Lumo has also dipped into its technology toolbox and kitted out each screen with free fibre wifi, real-time traffic analytics, wifi sniffers, beacons and Lumo’s dynamic content management platform.

“All of Lumo’s exclusive technology options are designed to give advertisers validation of the audience metrics and opens the door to greater digital creativity,” says Jamie Snow, Lumo’s design & technology maestro. “It is all about optimising the brand opportunity for our clients, building more engagement and where appropriate, extending the campaign beyond the screen.”

Foundation clients on Anzac include, BNZ, Vodafone, Prime TV, Visa and Coke; with, ASB, Fly Buys, The Warehouse, Westpac and Specsavers the first advertisers on Beach.

BNZ is also the first client to utilise Lumo’s free fibre wifi product, designed to create further engagement between them and their customers.

BNZ digital director Nick Boulstridge said: “We are excited to be the first in the New Zealand media landscape to utilise this new wifi product which runs in unison with our digital screen execution. Lumo’s technology focus and client-centric thinking is key and we are looking forward to a long-term partnership with them which we believe will help give us a fresh perspective to our digital outdoor strategy.”

Coming attractions
Lumo’s new smart boards are part of a wider site development which includes a new carpark deck with access from Anzac Ave and five new premium quality tenancies along the Beach Rd frontage.

“It has been a complicated and time-consuming build project in amongst a busy construction site that has required real teamwork with all key stakeholders, patience and determination to get us to launch day,” said Lumo executive VP Kent Harrison.

“But the hard work is worth it as Lumo’s flagship site is now alive and breathing in downtown Auckland, which will help lift Lumo from start-up to a serious contender in this exciting and fast-growing media channel.”

About Lumo Digital Outdoor
Lumo is a boutique specialist digital outdoor media business established to disrupt the existing model and help inspire greater creativity in the digital outdoor space. Lumo may be the new upstart but their focus is clear – top technology, top locations, top relationships.

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