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AUCKLAND, Today: Specialist outdoor media agency Billie Media is celebrating one year in business this month by sharing its top five learnings to thrive in New Zealand’s out-of-home industry.

Co-founder Ben Poole said: “Formed on a shoestring budget, Billie Media emerged from the creative minds of myself and Rohan Prasad, who both bring several years of online digital and outdoor media knowledge with them.

“Since launching during Auckland’s lockdown last September, our outdoor media powerhouse is already ahead of the curve and continuing to surpass their one-year milestone goals, a testament to the demand required for a specialist agency that knows the outdoor market inside out.

“We wanted to bridge the gap between OOH providers and clients and cement themselves as the most effective and efficient way for advertisers to seek premium out of home experiences.

“With so much untapped potential, establishing a specialist agency to champion and educate the market was a key output of their vision.

“It’s been an extraordinary year for us and we’ve surpassed our expectations of what we thought was possible.”

“To date, Billie Media has worked with 17 clients with 80% of those are based in Australia.

“We are currently focusing on continuing to expand our offering into Australia.”

“This month marks Billie Media’s involvement in catapulting The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power campaign for Prime Video This is one of the streaming service’s largest releases for 2022 and it’s also Billie Media’s biggest campaign to date.

Billie co-founder Rohan Prasad said: “It’s a cliche but working in this industry is a rollercoaster. It’s not always easy and we have our struggles, but the peaks are so much higher and rewarding.

“We are currently focusing on continuing to expand our offering into Australia.”

Prasad and Poole’s top five learnings:

  1. Don’t be afraid to get your foot in the door: Getting started in the media industry is the most challenging part, but once you’re in, the opportunities start rolling in.
  2. Be curious: If you’re curious about breaking into the industry we can’t recommend enough talking it into existence.
  3. Adapt to change of tact, and quickly: To really thrive in media and OOH you need to be adaptable and agile.
  4. Trust your support network.
  5. Value, value, value: Really hone your skills and think about what value you can offer.

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