New digs and old ghosts for Hunch

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AUCKLAND, Today: Did you spot any odd comings and goings at The Birdcage on Hallowe’en? It was moving day for indie agency Hunch, who were welcomed by some of their other-world flatmates.

“This building is a 135 years old,” says Hunch managing partner Michael Goldthorpe. “It’s a great space with a beautiful feel – but it’s not a surprise we’re sharing it with friends.”

“My take is that ‘ghosts’ are like feelings from another time, caught up in the noise of the moment. I’m confident that they’re just as happy sharing the space with us as we are with them.”

“The Birdcage, formerly the Rob Roy Hotel, was built in 1885 on the shoreline of Waipiro Bay or ‘Stinky Waters’.

“The Birdcage, formally the Rob Roy Hotel, was built in 1885.”

“It was a haven for the sailors, tradies and local landowners who met to relax and enjoy each other’s company, in the days before there were cars on the road or electric light at the flick of a switch.

“Fast forward to today and everything and nothing has changed. The shoreline has moved. The motorway snakes both over and under the building, but the walls that wrap around a century of secrets and fun are all set to welcome new friends and clients to meet, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

“It’s no secret that the next few years will be tough in adland.

“Marketers and agencies will need be even smarter to do more with less cash. Our new digs are all about creating the perfect space to create and collaborate with clients so we can work together to make things easy, excellent and fun.”

“If you’re keen to explore the space for yourself, just reach out to Hunch for a tour. They can’t guarantee you’ll see a ghost, but they’re confident you’ll love the space.”

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