Not offensive. Just lame!

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AUCKLAND, Today: Burger King agency VMLY&R has remained stoically silent in the face of the global media slaverings directed at their ‘racist’ 8sec social media ad for BK’s Vietnamese sweet chilli tendercrisp burger.

While the agency clearly felt they had no need to respond to such hypersensitive fancies, the client had little choice: “We have removed it and it certainly does not reflect our brand values around diversity and inclusion,” said BK GM James Woodbridge told Stuff.

Most of the NZ critics, however, took a different view, citing the video’s lack of focus quality, and its modest creativity: “It’s not offensive – just lame,” wrote one.

Accuracy was also a factor: “Chopsticks are not a traditional Vietnamese eating utensil,” he/she wrote. “These days, they are used – but many Vietnamese prefer a fork or a spoon.”

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