BKA Digital Outfitters rebrands

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AUCKLAND, Today: Kingsland-based agency BKA Digital Outfitters has launched a new corporate brand identity, Journey, aimed to elevate the business’ focus on digital for the customer journey, and includes a new logo, positioning and website.

“Journey’s blend of customer experience design, combined with design and development capability is able to provide businesses with an edge when looking to grow through delivering better customer experiences,” says Journey Digital MD Dane Tatana.

“The new naming effectively addresses the company’s core values of customer centric digital experiences. With the extensive rebranding efforts, the company will continue to offer web, app, games and software development, while focusing/investing further into technology that drives lead generation and sales for B2C and B2B businesses in Automotive, Marine, Construction and Sport. 

“Journey Digital’s new branding further enables the company to stand out, not only within the expansive digital industry, but also with companies looking for a competitive advantage by offering their customers value.

“Our new identity is a reflection of 15 years of accomplishments.”

“Following another milestone year of growth, we have taken time to rethink not just our name, but the entirety of our brand and offering.

“We pride ourselves in offering something different in the landscape of agencies, focusing on creating online experiences that provide value to the customer and drive sales for the brand. Our new identity is a reflection of 15 years of accomplishments and illustrates how far our company has come and our resolute objective of continual growth and evolution moving forward.

“This is an exciting change for us and marks a step change in our future direction as a transformational business partner.”

No relation
BKA has no connection to the Auckland agency once known as Blackwood King Associates. “We get asked that question from time to time,” says Dane Tatana. BKA are the initials of the company founder, Barbara Anderson (now retired but still a shareholder).

Blackwood King has long since transmogrified into BCG2 (a 2010 merger with Grey NZ). James Blackwood is CEO/ECD.

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