Colenso & Samsung help black cats take better selfies (updated)

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Colenso and Samsung have launched a video campaign to save black cats … from themselves.

Black cats, apparently, are abandoned more than any other type of cat because they are hard to photograph.

The RSPCA in the UK reported that 70% percent of cats waiting for adoptions are black – and one of the reasons people are ignoring them is they are trickier to photograph.
Samsung and Colenso have responded with a social campaign that offered a practical solution for all cat lovers whilst at the same time highlighting features of their latest smartphone, the Samsung GS5.

Working with animal photographer Rachael Hale McKenna, Samsung ran a special photo-shoot that demonstrated how to take better selfies of black cats, so people everywhere can help resolve the problem of abandoned or un-adopted cats. McKenna used the Samsung GS5 to take heart-warming – and very clear – pics and created an instructional video for cat owners that was placed on Samsung’s New Zealand Facebook page (4250 Likes so far).

“With cats being one of the most popular online subjects, we were hoping the video would inspire Kiwis and others the world over, to do a better job of photographing cats and ensure that more cats, regardless of their colour are given a loving home,” said Samsung NZ marketing director Mike Cornwell.


Client: Samsung NZ
Marketing Director: Mike Cornwell
Online Manager: Abbey Waterman
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Creative Director: Dan Wright
Art Director: Beth O’Brien
Copy Writer: Oriel Davis Lyons
Group Account Director: Victoria Graves
Project Director: Maria Bjorkman
Business Director: James Cummins
Producer: Katie Nimon

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