Blind Low Vision NZ Launches hi-viz campaign via YoungShand

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AUCKLAND, Today: Ponsonby indie YoungShand has launched a new campaign for Blind Low Vision New Zealand (formerly the Blind Foundation).

YoungShand ECD Corey Chalmers said: “This is literally an eye-catching awareness campaign to encourage over 155,000 New Zealanders with severe sight difficulties.

“Studies have shown that many Kiwis think Blind Low Vision NZ is only for the almost or fully blind, and are waiting too long to ask for help to the point that they hit a crisis. 

“For launch day, in a media first, the New Zealand Herald adapted Tuesday’s newspaper to create a high-viz edition.

“Using a larger font, the print edition also has spreads printed in yellow and black for increased visibility, adjusted imagery for higher contrast and easier comprehension, and even distorted the NZ Herald logo for the first time to magnify it on the front page.

“The multi-channel campaign also features 30 and 15 second tvcs via Assembly, highlighting magnification techniques, high contrast, bold typography and automated audio description to create a spot that’s intentionally hard to miss.

“Striking digital outdoor, bus sides, adshels and VOD executions also reflect the effect of seeing with assistance like that provided by Blind Low Vision NZ.

“We’re thrilled the Herald really embraced the idea of reformatting their print edition’s actual editorial – and it turned out brilliantly.”

“The irony of Blind Low Vision NZ lacking visibility among New Zealand’s 28,000-odd charitable organisations wasn’t lost on us.

“We needed to be bold, bright and positive, so we used the very techniques that accessibility guidelines suggest to create a campaign that’s literally eye-catching. We’re thrilled that the NZ Herald really embraced the idea of reformatting their print edition’s actual editorial – and it turned out brilliantly.”

NZ marketing/engagement GM Gwen Green said: “Blind Low Vision NZ is all about supporting those who are blind, deafblind, or have low vision to keep their independence.

“We offer services, equipment, and robust support to help clients both young and old to overcome daily challenges.

“This includes anyone whose sight has started to play tricks on them, not just those for whom the lights have almost entirely dimmed.

“This campaign is an intentionally bright step towards helping low-vision Kiwis to live a better and richer life. We’re thrilled with the collaboration.”

YoungShand head of media partnerships Megan Flyn said: “Our media team worked closely with the creative and media suppliers to design an unmissable media strategy, capturing an audience who by nature are difficult to reach.

“With an aging population and vision loss at an all-time high, our media partners were open-minded and inspired by working with us to find ways to give this campaign and future campaigns the presence they deserve.”

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Client: Blind Low Vision NZ
GM Engagement & Marketing: Gwen Green
Communications Manager: Aditya Kundalkar
Creative & Media Agency: YoungShand
ECD: Corey Chalmers
CD: Scott Maddox

Creative: Julie Spedding, Kent Briggs, Tess Saxby
Design & retouching: Ryan Overeem
Head of Production: Esther Watkins
Strategist: Kirsten Bray
Group Account Director: Ben Hopkinson
Account Manager: Ella Soule
Head of Media Partnerships: Megan Flynn
Media Strategist: Andrea Long

Production Company: Assembly Ltd
Director: Jonny Kofoed
Executive Producer: Jane Oak
Sound Editor: Shane Taipari @ Franklin Rd

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