Experiential outfit dangles bait in NZ

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Aussie startup Blobfish International has announces its official launch in New Zealand, bringing one of Australia’s fastest growing media sampling and experiential companies to all major cities of New Zealand.

“Blobfish is paving the way in a new and exciting media landscape,” says founder/ceo Nic Cann. “In 2017 alone, Blobfish have orchestrated and distributed well over five million samples throughout our ride-share and food delivery network – a figure that potentially sees them as being the largest and fastest moving sampling outlets in Australasia for many of the major global fmcg brands.

“With the exponential growth of ride-sharing and food delivery, Blobfish are pleased to be able to offer the same uncluttered environment for samples & activations across the New Zealand ride-share and food delivery space.

Blobfish have established partnerships with globally recognisable brands; and are launching in partnership with Mentos in New Zealand. Offshore partners include Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Ferrero, Mondelez, and General Mills.

Nic Cann says New Zealand was always on the cards: “The New Zealand market was definitely in our sights from the beginning. It’s a very fast-paced environment and as a country at the forefront of technology globally, we knew it was only a matter of time before we launched our offering.

“We are excited to launch this week and envisage a very similar growth to what we’ve seen here in Australia.”

The blobfish has been named the world’s ugliest living creature.

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